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what we do?

interiors – first of all! 

  • interior design projects
  • projects with supervision
  • complex finishing-up
  • individual and commercial projects (hotels, resturants, shops etc.)

our strong points 

  • over 10-year experience
  • flexibility, originality, timeliness
  • individual approach to every project, despite how big it is, customer orientation
  • perfect knowledge of market, many trade contacts in the country and abroad
  • new technologies


  • ability to meet our customers needs and demands
  • perfect merging of functionality and aesthetics, knowledge of new trends
  • professional project development – digital visualisations and technical drawings

originality and flexibility

  • individual approach to every project, with individual recognition of our client expectations and wishes
  • matching design style with the place, where we are performing our work
  • applying the newest concepts and technical solutions
  • flexible worktime; multilingual support - we can speak Polish, English, German and French


  • deadlines clearly specified and kept to
  • exact estimates and calculations of materials and fininishing-up works
  • stocktakings before and after works execution